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Free Estimates


We will give you a free estimate on approximately how much your phone will cost to be repaired, less taxes.

Our prices are based on ; cost of parts, labor, and small profit margin.

Free Estimates are based on the assumption that our part replacement is the solution.

A dropped phone may appear to have only a cracked screen, however, it may also have a cracked camera, GPS or WiFi antennae or any number of other broken parts.


Once we begin work we begin an EVALUATION.

Evaluation are not free!



Once we agree on a price, we begin our evaluation. 

It is a requirement to pay a $20.00 non-refundable deposit.

(Although the deposit is not refundable it will be used toward the estimated price after the work is complete).


We will begin to fix the item that we agreed on and do a site survey of other damaged parts (Damage that can be seen).


If there is another part that is broken we will call you with the phone number you provided and recommend that we fix the additional damaged part and do an estimate on the additional part.


Note: Some parts are dependent on other parts to function properly!


The evaluation is not free because we are using time and labor to best remedy your device issues.


Please enjoy your visit with us.

You are a valuable Customer!



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