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We Provide Quality Repair and Affordable Phone Services.

Shop With Us, We Appreciate Your Business!

Man in Mobile Store


We repair hardware or software problems: Windows or Macintosh!


 Our team understands how frustrating it can get when your computer develops issues.


The professionals at CellPhone Doctor have experience, expertise, and knowledge in how to repair your computer and recover your informaton, which are your priceless assets.

Smart Phones

Accident happens!

   It is a common but sad occur- rence for us to break our phones.


   Allow CellPhone Doctor to help you when these times come.

   Our cellphone repairs and parts comes with lifetime warranty.

   Our experienced technicians are fast and efficient .

   We understand how important your device is to you and we make our most diligent effort to get the best quality parts and do professional work in an expedient manner.

Tablets & Gaming Consoles


Xbox or Playstation? 


You can count on us to fix your hardware or software problem.


CellPhone Doctor's technicians  can fix and upgrade your Tablets and Gaming Console.

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